Saturday, May 21, 2011

Free Digital Photos.Net

I came across Free Digital Photos this morning when I was looking for some royalty-free and non copyrighted material to post on my blogs and articles. It is really handy if you need some small and simple photos for looks on your site. The wonderful part is that the photos are free if all you need is a small basic photo, about 400 megapixels or so. This size is perfect for blog and article purposes.
The next best thing is that, unlike most free photos, the pictures are taken by professionals and look amazing. They look like you paid big bucks for them. If you do need larger pictures, you can pay $1, $2, or $3 for bigger ones. Also, these photos, paid and free, cannot be used for commercial purposes. This means you can’t put them on greeting cards, mugs, T-shirts, anything you can sell basically. Also, NO SIGN UP IS NEEDED! So you can download ASAP without the hassle of signing up.
The only catch is that you need to give credit to the person who took the picture. This really isn’t that hard to do. They will supply you with the name of the user who uploaded the photo. What works for me is having a folder specifically for non copyrighted photos. When I’m downloading the photo, I make sure to put the person’s name that should get the credit so that it is easy to keep up with when posting the picture. Here is an example of what I put in the file name: (Credit Ealisa Adams) Flowers Blooming. This way, I can search by subject, and won’t have to dig through pages of photos to see who took it. Simple is best.
Photos always make your blog or articles look more professional. It is something about attracting the eye to your site. So, if you can, always try to link pictures to your site! It will increase traffic and look so much better.
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