Sunday, May 22, 2011

HubPages - My First Impressions

Yesterday morning I read an article about someone who did an experiment on making money with HubPages. Their goal was to create 100 hubs in 30 days and see how much could be made on a weekly basic. During the first week, the writer created 40 blogs and made $56.20 by the end of the week. By the second week, the earnings rose to $112.56. Not bad for a week. The third week mad $88.88 and the fourth made $160.04. In all, it was $475.26. Not bad for a part time income. I then became oddly inspired to try it out and do my own little experiment. Read the whole experiment here.

Shortly after reading the article I went ahead and got started by creating my own HubPage and got started. By the end of the day, I had about 8 articles on the site. You can ear through HubPage Ad Revenue and AdSense Revenue, as well as several other options such as EBay and Amazon Revenue. The HubPage earnings refreshes every night, so you can’t see what you made that day until the following day. Well I had a lovely surprise this morning, I had made $0.07! Yes, I know, it is only seven cents, but it shows that it is possible to make a little money (or any for that matter) with the site. As you get more hubs, you get more popular, hence earning you more and more.

My goal for doing this type of site is that it is a write and leave sort of deal. I like it when I am earning money on articles that I wrote a year ago, regardless of how little it is. Plus, you gain tons of exposure on this site. HubPages rank high on Google’s search, making it possible for people to find and read your stuff. Also, there are TONS of members on the Hub site. In a single day, I’ve had over 50 views on my 8 Hubs. That is pretty neat for the articles only being up for a day.

I don’t plan on making hundred of dollars a month on this site (though I would love to), but I plan to at least make a little cash on the side. I’ll make updates when I get more experience on the site and if I make any money (or not). Stay Tuned!

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