Saturday, May 21, 2011

Break Studios

Application Process: Easy
Pay: $8
Flexibility: 10 out of 10

Break Studios is great for new writers. The sign up project is easy. You fill out the simple form, confirm your email, and BOOM! You’re in and ready to get started. There is no rigorous application process like other sites. You get paid $8 for every article that you publish. It is less than Demand Studios, but the articles can be as few as 250 words and are very easy to write. Your claim limit is also 10, like Demand Studios. You don’t even have to have a reference for the article like you do with Demand Studios. It sounds great right?

However, all good things must have some down sides. The main problem I have had with them is that sometimes there are zero articles available for claim. Sometimes there may be as many as one hundred articles or so, but this is usually the max. When they add new articles, they often go fast because of how easy they are to write. I’ve had articles that are as easy as “How to Break up With My Girlfriend” and can be written with just general knowledge. Also, unlike Demand Studios, you can only claim 10 and not claim more until your articles get approved. This is a big downside because they often take a week to get back to you.

I like the site because it is easy. Even though you can only do about 10 articles or so a week, that is $80 a week. Plus, it is easy to get started, and FREE! Never, ever, ever pay a single dime to make money. Many sites that ask for money, I have learned, will help you make money. However, this is often money you could have made in the first place without paying the money.

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