Saturday, May 28, 2011


Application Process: Easy
Pay: Revenue
Flexibility: 10 out of 10

Triond is very similar to all of the other revenue sites out there. Your content has to be original, so it cannot be posted anywhere else when you submit it. However, I read some reviews from other people saying that they would first post their ‘original’ content on Triond and then post the same content elsewhere.
“Reposting” content is one of the great debates of freelance writers. I am currently on the fence on the idea because I can see both sides. “Reposting” content is taking an article and posting it on multiple sites. The negative side of this is that when someone types in a key term in Google, your same article may come up four times, not very helpful for someone looking for more information than what you article provides. I remember in high school I would run into this problem when looking for sources for a research paper. On the earning side of this, “reposting” allow you to reach different social communities. On my Hubs, many of the people who view them are from HubPages community. I’m sure this is true with other revenue sites too. Many of the visitors tend to be from that particular community. So, if you have your article posted on four sites, then you get readers and earnings from those four communities. Like I said, I am still on the fence.
Triond seems pretty simple. You will need PayPal and AdSense to earn from this site! I signed up in five minutes and submitted my first article ten minutes later. You simply follow the directions on the submit form for your content. I found the form easy, but I didn’t like it as well as HubPages layout. I submitted two articles two days ago:

It took about 24 hours to get them approved and were posted yesterday. They show up on sites other than Triond. This can be handy, because your article goes to a site with relative information. For example, click on my Cutting Calories article. You don’t go to Triond. You go to Note Cook. This is a cooking and food website. Same with the Dragon Dictation article, you go to an electronic website, Quazen.
I’m not too happy with my results. I have only gotten two views, both on the Dragon Dictation article. I know it has only been a day within posting, but my Hub articles all had at least two views after the first hour of posting.
Of course, I haven’t earned any money yet. I plan to post a few more articles here and there to see if there is anything to gain with Triond. If someone had the time to post strong-keyword articles on a popular subject, I’m sure they could earn with Triond.
Signing up is free, so you really don’t have anything to lose to join. If you have some spare articles or can easily type some up, you might as well see what luck you can have. I’ve read some reviews where people have been able to make a little spare cash on the site.