Saturday, May 21, 2011

AdSense and PayPal

These are two places you will want to sign up if you want to be a freelance writer. PayPal is the way that most companies and sites will pay through. This is good for you because it is a safe way to exchange money. Even people who only use the money for shopping should use PayPal for purchases and not link their bank accounts directly. It is a scamy-scam world out there and you never know who you can trust online. Use your most used e-mail address when signing up for PayPal so that you will get e-mail notices when someone withdraws or makes a deposit into the account. This way, it is easy to monitor what is going in and out of the account. If you notice wrongful activity, simply inform PayPal and they will take it from there.

Now, on to AdSense. You may be thinking, why would I need Google AdSense to make money online? Well, blogs and article revenue sites will allow you to set up your AdSense account to post ads on these sites and you will earn revenue from it every time someone clicks on the ads. This isn’t a get rich fast scheme. It’s more of a get some extra cash in your pocket slow scheme. It takes time to build up your blog and get enough content on revenue sites before you see any big dent in your financial situation. However, the lovely part about this is that it is a write-and-leave situation. You write an article for a revenue site, and you let it sit. It may only make you a dollar or two a month, but that will be for every month for potentially the rest of your life. At least until the revenue site shuts down, if it ever does. Think of it this way, say you have two hundred articles on the web that makes about a dollar each with AdSense. That is $200. And the next month, you may make that much again without even writing an article. Why? Because you do the work once and reap the earnings over and over and over again. Now, it sounds too good to be true right? Well, everything takes a little work. It takes gaining exposure so that people will even visit your articles so they may see the ads to click on.

I’ve had PayPal for a year and I love it. I use it for every business transaction that I make. Plus, it is easy to use. AdSense, however, is something I just signed up for today. I’ve read reviews on it thoroughly. Some people hate it, some people love it. I also joined HubPages today so I can start writing and see if I earn anything on revenue share articles. I will make sure to update soon on my earnings (or lack of!)

Adventure on my money-making followers!

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