Saturday, May 21, 2011

Money Making and Saving Adventures

Money’s tight. Boy, can you say that again. Money is REALLY tight. Pennies are being pinched extra hard and jobs are long and far between. For me, my adventures of saving and making a little extra money stems from several factors. First of all, I am nineteen years old and married. No, no children. Actually, I guess I should take that back. We have a rambunctious puppy named Luna that is a hand full. She might as well be a child, she loves being babied. Second of all, I am a full time college student. This puts a tight string on how much I can work, and make. Third of all, we just bought our first house. We are so excited, but it’s a little scary too! So I thought that I would try to make a little extra money on that side, and learn to save a little too! I’ll keep everyone updated on how much I’m making and whether or not I run into any scams. Please send me any feedback or questions you have. I would love to hear them!
Adventure on my friends!

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