Saturday, May 21, 2011

Demand Studios

Application Process: Moderate
Pay: $3 - $15
Flexibility: 10 out of 10

Demand Studios was one of the first freelance writing sites I came across during my first adventures of looking to make money online a couple years ago. I was skeptical at first, but when I ended up signing up for the site June of 2010 I was happy I did.

I hear that their application process can be tough because they turn away a lot of people. I applied on a whim without much research or experience and got in within a day. My husband, the English major of the family, had to apply three times before getting accepted. Before signing up, make sure you have a resume that looks professional and is concise because they will ask for one. You will also need a writing sample. Once you have these two items, you can get started filling out the application.  

I’ve enjoyed my time at Demand Studios. At Demand Studios you write for various sites, eHow being the largest. I’ve seen several other sites on their needing articles written, but eHow is the only one I’ve written for so far.  Average pay for a full article is $15, while shorter articles are $7.50. You can also do tips for $3. I mainly focus on doing How-To articles because I find them easier. My niches have turned out to be health and pet topics. They also offer revenue share articles. Payment is twice a week, which is wonderful! I get mine through PayPal, but there may be other payment options.

There are currently 80,000+ articles that are waiting to be written on the site, meaning you will always have something to write about. Your claim limit is 10. However, starting out I think it is 3. The wonderful thing about the claim limit is that, unlike some other sites, when you submit an article, it is removed from your claim limit. Some sites will keep it in your claim limit until it is approved, making it possible to only write 10 articles until they get accepted. With Demand Studios, you can write as many articles as your little heart desires.

Rewrites are common with Demand Studios. When you submit your article, it goes to Copy Editors (which you can also apply to be at Demand Studios). They will edit your site and may send it back for some clarification. Usually, 1 out of 5 of my articles comes back for something to change. Many times, it is something small like changing a sentence or two.

When I can’t find a good article to write, I use the “Create a Title” option. This allows you to create a title of your choice in a How-To format. I love this option because it allows me to change it up once in a while. The title needs to be original, which can be tough to come up with sometimes. However, a little rewording is a wonder thing! Once you create the title, it is added to your claim limit to write. You are paid for these articles through the revenue share program. I am on the fence about revenue share programs, but I gave it a shot. I have written 20 articles or so for this program and make approximately $10 a month. It’s not much, but its $10 a month I’ll make as long as the program is still running. Also, it gains you a lot of exposure and traffic because eHow is such a popular site.

My experience has been wonderful, although I’ve heard some people who have claimed it’s a scam. However, trust me, it is no scam. I can see people getting upset at being rejected to join the site or getting hired only to not like it due to all the rewrites. But realistically, in income sense, you can make some serious money here. At $15 an article, 10 articles a day is $150 a day, that’s not chump change! Starting out, a single article took me almost two hours to do (I was scared to death of rewrites). Now, I can finish two articles in about an hour. Sometimes I can do more, it really just depends on the complexity of the article.

I hope you guys try this site out. If you have problems getting hired on, contact me and I may be able to help you. It seems they can be a stickler on the resumes, so maybe I’ll to a post soon on professional resumes to help everyone out.

Click here to sign up for Demand Studios

Examples of Demand Studios Articles:
How-To Articles
How to Treat Canine Flea Infestations
How to Take Care of an Abandoned Baby Rabbit
How to Treat a Minor Cut on a Dog

Short Answer Articles
Can Guppies Live in a Fish Bowl

Revenue Share Articles
How to Treat Flea Infestations in Canines

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