Monday, May 23, 2011

HubPages Day 3

Today was 3rd day with Hubpages. I'm not quite seeing a whole lot of results money wise. As far as Adsense goes, I've made a whole $0.00! With the HubPages Ad Program I've raked in $0.15 so far. I guess I shouldn't complain, $0.15 is $0.15. Better than $0! I think I may have something wrong with my Adsense so I will send an e-mail and see what's up.

However, in better news, I have made some follows! I think I now have 8 people following me on Hub and have had 130+ views on my 15 Hubs. My leading artices is my Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs with 17 views and a coment. I think total I have about 14 comments or so on them.

My analysis after the first few days? I think I'll stick with it any try to make a little more money out of the Hubs. I figure, at least I'm getting my name out there and people are reading my stuff. Plus, the Hubs are So easy to write. You really don't have to have too much computer knowlege to get one up and running.

If you want to sign up or see how much success I've had so far, click here! Good luck. Anyone who has made any money or had any luck with the site please leave some comments with your experiences!