Sunday, May 29, 2011

Constant Content

Application Process: Easy
Pay: Varies by article
Flexibility: 10 out of 10
I signed up with Constant Content and it was easy. Simply, what you do is you fill out a forum to request an account, confirm your e-mail, and then log in. It takes about five minutes in all to do. Then, you click on the Submit Content tab to submit what you would like to sell.
Here is how it works. Say you write an article “How to Clean Your Closet.” The article is about 500 words and well written. You have the option to sell your article for Full-Rights (meaning you are selling the rights and you can’t post the article anywhere else), Unique-Rights (meaning you can sell certain rights to your piece, but not full), and then just usage rights (meaning the buyer can post the content anywhere, but you still have the rights and can sell the piece over and over again).
To submit the article you will have to name the article, upload the article in a word document, write a summary of the article, categorize the article, supply keywords, and most importantly, set your prices. I’ve seen articles for hundreds of dollars sell on the site. However, it seems articles between $10 and $30 sell well for full rights. Usage rights usually go for between $7 and $15. If someone likes your article, but wants to buy it cheaper, they will send you an offer for it.
This sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Writing about what you want and selling it for as much or little as you want. What’s the catch? The catch is that your articles have to be 100% grammar and error free. They will not edit your articles at all, meaning that they will reject it for the tiniest comma problem. They will give you some editor comments on what to change, but these will rarely be specific or cover all the errors. Even if you fix what they asked for, and they find another error, it will be rejected. If you get too many rejections, you will get suspended.
I tried this site when I was still a newbie to writing, and I really wish I would have waited until I was more experienced. I wrote 20 articles or so for the site, but they weren’t very good subjects. Over a few months, I got one offer for one article. I really didn’t put much effort into the site, so I wasn’t too disappointed.
The site is free to sign up for. Another pro about the site is that you can refer people and make money that way if you don’t have luck with the writing portion of the site. I’ve read some reviews from people making a full time income with this site. However, my advice would be to get some experience with other sites before jumping in and doing this one. Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation have to be perfect to make any money here!

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